Technical note…

Believe it or not, I do follow some other blogs, in the sense of “I have some blogs bookmarked and check them in the morning to see if there’s anything interesting on the front page.”  But I’ve only very recently figured out how to navigate some of them effectively; it’s different on different platforms, but one thing that a lot of folks seem to use are “tags”.  This blog for me is a place to (er, very irregularly, apparently…) post thoughts related to a few courses I’m taking and my instructional experiences and anything else I think might be related, and I’ve been struggling to keep everything straight… So I’m adding tags to all my posts!   For now I’m keeping it simple and utilitarian for me, so don’t be alarmed at the weird 4-digit numbers that will appear on each of my posts (under the title); they’re just course numbers so I can try to keep things straight and watch what I’m posting.  Maybe I’ll get around to adding useful, topic-related tags…

“Well, duh” says everyone else on the internet.

😛 , says I


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