Speed blogging!

Alright so I’ve procrastinated long enough.  Time to get this ball rolling…

I’ve commented here and there already about how writing blog posts and forum posts and the like isn’t easy for me… I’m well aware of the fact that although I like to tell people it’s because I’m busy with other, more important tasks, it’s not *really* so much that I’m “too busy” to get to it, but that I like to convince myself that’s the case to avoid facing (1) the feeling that I don’t have anything interesting or important to say in public and (2) anxiety over putting “out there” anything that I haven’t decided is perfect (to my mind, at least).  So I’ve challenged myself today* to write a series of blog posts, taking no more than 20 minutes to research and write each one.  I’ll take brief 10-15 minute breaks in between posts to step away from the computer and deal with other life stuff that must be dealt with, and promise to not use that time to revise or edit posts 😉  If I have any further comments I’ll post them as comments rather than change the original post.  Wish me luck!

(*Why today, you ask? Nothing to do with a course deadline, I assure you.  Nope, not at all.  OK maybe just a little.  😉 )


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